Freshly Squeezed

Strange how I find a new blog to be so attractive, so appealing, so fresh and new. It’s a new start, a new beginning. We all like new beginnings, because we like the slate to be wiped clean, to eradicate preconceptions, prenotions, all the “things” that get in the way of truly experiencing, digesting, and analyzing a blog post on it’s own merit.

This blog will be devoted to simply sorting through the contemplations, meditations, and  writings I dwell upon on a day-to-day basis. I make no promises, and I don’t expect you to make any either.

This can be a place of dialogue, which would be more fun on my part, and more beneficial to you.

A preliminary introduction is that I’m much more of an observer than anything. I am quite introspective, and friendly as well. I’m humorous, sarcastic,  somewhat of a nut.  My posts cover society, psychology, theology, Christianity, culture, and common place things. Welcome


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