The Desert Life

I found it left over in between my teeth

the a result of overgrown weeds

   found myself mulling on the porch
  sifting through priorities and irregularities
  misfortune always seem to land at my door
  and  it took my heart hostage as I begged for mercy
   Now I’ve been living my life on the lam
   in the back woods, the wild west
    the outlaw always outdrew me in a duel
     then showed me Jacob’s ladder
    I couldn’t even make it past the first rung
  We live on our own terms and conditions
  In a godforsaken land, of rattlesnakes, succulents, and cacti
    these silent night below the stars are unending
  and the torrential down pours drown out my cries
  the Natives told me to keep my quiver full, but it’s empty
     I’ve shot too eagerly, or over shot
  and the gov’t and God is out to get me
  but I don’t feel his eyes on the back of me no more
   and I’m heading somewhere over the orange horizon
  I’ve spat poison, and hung with ruffians
    They’ve taught me more from life than a saint
     Goddamn the truth’s out there somewhere
     I’m just here as a man

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