Mall Rats

you wander to and fro
you’re a child lost in a mall
crying with a volcano ice cream melting in your hands
we saw the other holligans wading into the water fountain
and we wanted to pick the pennies, steal other people’s dreams
so it’s food for thought, something to digest to mull over
but the mall cops shined their maglites on us and we scattered like crows
we were mall rats, sharing the delicious gossip
How Jane looked too longly at Jake
and some touched too close to home
He showed us his arm where the cigarette butts burnt our skins
and we tried to pay the owner of Borders with Monopoly Money
and we skated away on our roller blades before crashing into a sunglass vendor
We worried about our outfits
gazed longingly in the mirror
and we slurped on our sodas, lounging in the food court
We owned this mall
We were those kids
skinny jeans
shoe tongues sticking out
sucking on blow pops
our parents gave us a twenty
and dropped us off at a mall
Parential guidance shunned
but in the end
aren’t we just a lost chiild in a mall?
looking for the next attractive thing?

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