raised the flag 

  half mast, or to the heavens 
 my thoughts are tumbling to and fro 
  we don’t know where they’d go  
  when they got pepper sprayed 
 and the tear gas blanketed the streets 
  coughing, spitting, choking 
  push against riot shields and batons  
  rubber bullets rang out 
 emotionless behind a caged mask  
  following orders 
 as they marched single file 
  the groomsmen and bridesmaids walk 
  and her dad’s proud chin, arm in hand with my lady 
   and I with mom’s flooded eyes 
  But I’m handcuffed and dragged by two policemen  
    We were tied the knot as the celebratory bullets defied gravity 
 my lady and me crossed our hearts, and hoped to die 
  The crowd threw rice in the air 
  then we threw rocks 
  and they threw gas canisters 
  I donned a gas mask 
  we demonstrated, remonstrated 
  and these fires are burning with the flag waving 
  as this seems to be escalating 
 the revolution bound us together 
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