strange how we 

 repeat the same 

  as we rewind 
  and forward 
 and fast-forward 
 then rewinding into 
  another collapsible situation 
  and then we pine again for her and 
 then we relapse into insanity again 
  and then we revisit these 
 broken down dreams 
 and we rehash these remnants 
  of a watered down plot points 
 and we feigned emotion 
 and we recasted ourselves 
 and we recreated the premise 
 and we relocated, revamped, and revised 
  until our cross stitching finally met 
 until our tectonic plates collided 
 until our walls were breached 
 until our hands and feet met 
 until this realization 
  became a materialization 
 until a infatuation 
became a full saturation  
 no longer dipping 
  but swimming 
  in an ocean
  the conveyor belt moves forward 
 and the needle touches the record 
like a ballerina on her toes and 
 so please 
  press that arrow button 
  to play 
 we pray 
  we play 
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