I saw that

  everything was revolving
 and turning
  around this fulcrum
  that you had planted.
 A seed when you were a child
  and your absurd logic
 and shameless reasoning.
  When you were glad
 to level forests
 with one spoken word
 and I saw that
  we were dichotomies
  every word was polemic
 we were jousting.
 we were opposing forces
 North vs. South
  Or two positive charges
 We waged civil war
  But I never ran out of ammunition
  and you never ran out of blanks
   The gauntlet was thrown
  and we one up one another
   So we yell “checkmate”
   one after another
   Were we born to be separated?
  Were we from the same home?
 If blood is thicker than water,
  than wasn’t ours watered down?
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