Not much of a man

 I am not a man 

  to know much about life 
 but life threw me like Jonah overboard 
  and that fish swallowed me whole 
  So we tried to grasp to the steering wheel 
  until our hands were beet red 
  shifting left, feeling every pulsing tension and friction 
  Your deafening screams I muted as white noise 
  The masted raised high, a shadow overcame 
  Overcame this simple narration 
   A wave inundated us and swept us away   
   Clinging to starboard, seaweed and starfish decadence 
  The safeguard rails rusting and barnacled 
   Hands cracked and salty 
 I finally let go to join  
  my fellow countrymen 
   demasking these perfumes of  myrrh 
  and finally smelling the natural smell of man 
  blood and sweat 
  we wept, we wept 
  into an oyster shell 
 where the mermaids wove their hairs 
 bound as tightly as chromatin  
  and crooned their lamenting songs 
    I’d press further if I were brave 
   Even if this life would pass 
  I wouldn’t know what to do 
  Even if you’d arrive on clouds on thunder 
 I wouldn’t know what to do  
   We don’t ever learn 
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