I wanted to draw you out
 lure you out
  with opulent riches
 to lay you down
  six-feet underground
 when we heard the pistol reports
  my fingerprints on all the shells
  that hole
    in your chest
   the blood came out
    I knew I was
    to such evil
  when I abandoned
  my inheritance
    Were we grief stricken?
    Or cackling in delight
   When our enemies received their dues.
   To grab their horrified faces
   and shove them underneath the bathtub water
   and their thrashing signals life
   until the bubbles rise to the surface
   and the water is placid
  Would you cast me out like Cain?
   Curse me with a mark?
   Make me wander forever?
   Have I silenced my conscious?
   rendering it inert?
 an amalgamating cancerous ink blot
  metastasizing to the rest of the body

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