I won’t come back begging, groveling at your feet 

      I wonder if I’ll recover now 

    with these graphs and maps being spun into spider-webs 

     so you spawn that poison for potions to drink

  and I downed every drop licking to bottom 

 I’ll be happy with 

    All these people are sewn onto me 

   latch onto me  

   but they don’t even know it 

  but they make up the self 

   And I keep on shedding 

   but everything stays the same 

   but I won’t come begging for your affirmation 

   perpetually in motion, self-contained 

  recovering from dream delusions  

  musing in the museums 

  humanity all lined up 

 but who’s really human? 

 because I’ve met some real monsters 

  all the children lined up 

  the drill instructors all shouting


 Don’t know which is the voice of reason     

 Listen to that small whisper 

  the sound of silence 

  at the epicenter of your soul 







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