Decompression (experimentation)

Compression of hurricane winds

into enclosed bellows

is far from healthy.

And if indeed we suppress

these frenzies

and hide behind implanted apologies;

we would have done wrong.

I am a playwright.

I’m not an actor

–who follows the correct script,

We are off-the cuff

Off the cues or formats

A trail blazer, who leaves no foot prints

Naught a thread or speck of dust

And yet again the judges and doubters come

Blind with logs in their eyes

They cannot see, or experience, all you have

Presumptions layered on presumptions until truth is buried

And so do not prod along so downtrodden

Walk as you would walk a free-man, pardoned from trial

Be as if you were, unfettered from the opinion of others

If you are happy- smile, laugh, celebrate

If you are sad- weep bitter tears

If you are angry- scream, curse your birth

Why live like half-humans, lifeless, emotionless?

Be as you were, as the fully, flesh human being permeable to the weathers of this world.

For we all walk this life together in the same shoes.

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