Swallowed by a fish

you swallowed me
in the depths of the sea
bubbles were my necklace
when I knew I was reckless
and those jagged white jems showed
a pink cushion for me to rest
and this milestone wasn’t my grave
especially since I haven’t shaved
elbow patches and candle light delivers me
We all knew the reaping would come soon
but you were a bride sleeping, rather than waiting
your light went out
and you became a robber
We all get swallowed by a fish
when we get a suburban itch
I am hapless, hopeless
Ritalin won’t help me now
especially when we leave the crowd
Your black and white photograph
won’t make me any less lonely
blue skies and bald eagles
try to guide be back home
to where I went
but this isn’t some proposition
Just leave me alone
because I am not your hospital patient

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