take that essence of nostalgia
and make that, impart that
to be part of me
I lay at the foot of the basement
with the brick in hand
where we wrote our secret notes to be discovered later
I’d be called back to that homestate
sooner or later
and the dogs and cats would be howling
at some time or another
I’d make my way back
to the flayed paint swing set
and we’ll dig our heels in the sand
Lay on the roof, get peachy red
and from that vantage point
judge from the clouds and sunshine
whether it would rain
or not

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2 thoughts on “memory

  1. JM says:

    Martin – this one is awesome! I loved the imagery, the way the poems rolls, and “flayed paint swing set” – that’s great writing! Might I have permission to copy this one down? (No worries, just for personal tenure :P).

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