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They called you a smoldering relic
from some forgotten age
rewinding until all the cassette ribbons unraveled
residing sleeping in a cage
I don’t know if you hurt me
more than I hurt you
We’ve got collateral
on both sides of the coin
one has a head scratched off
the other a younger version
of me

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Doesn’t Take

It doesn’t take 

  a man to battle cancer 

   for the nightmares to pounce 

 It doesn’t take 

  the daily grind 

  to wear a man out 

 Because then a doctor appointment 

  would be ready 

 for the strait jacket hug 

  and the auxiliary stretcher 

 And if physical injury 

  could reflect the heart 

  you would find 


   you still hadn’t shaken off

   shrugged off those shackles 

 binding us to our nightmares

 oh lo the struggle 

  oh lo the argumentation  

 would have sunk the sun 

 and the moon tugging in tow 

  These crises

  are unlicensed


 But reside in the sweat lodge


  to evaporate the toxins   

 in solitary confinement 




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I am Tomorrow

i am tomorrow
I am today
I am hiding in the basement
I am the day
it surprised me
when it eyed me
because I was tomorrow
I am today
laying on carpet
breathing heavy sighs
that some angelic dream
would descend
I swear I’d love you
Some future self would annouce
swear that he’d take care of you
gather you to his side
for I am tomorrow
I am today

I am the breath you exhale softly

before you close your eyes to sleep
I am tomorrow
a ray of hope
tomorrow, today, yesterday

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