We exhumed our graves
castigated out of our jaw-clenching dreams
We were back where we grew up
trying to keep the feral animals out
but these ashes keep on mixing in drinking water
and I don’t have enough filters for reverse osmosis
We’re so happy for the neighbors who grew up
got married, had children
caught a breeze,  eyes open 
but we gave up so much already
just to see a future diluted
You already let it all go
drive head long into the dark
So we all head north bound with our torches together
Burning down our last fuel
shedding light wherever there’s even ground
It was a uphill, sweat and eyes battle
foraging for whatever edible
struggling through this undergrowth
but we’ll get alive
even if we have to start a forest fire
we’ll seep into a wet and watery grave
swimming back into the womb
where we incubate 
to be born again
water and blood
to receive new skin


One thought on “Dilluted

  1. JM says:

    Hey Martin – one of your more complex and interweaving pieces. I really like it. I perceive it to be neither neat nor easy, and like it all the more for that.

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