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Let us follow one another
until we out run our shadows
until we start to crawl up walls
fingerprints on fingerprints

we are used to being beaten

but we were never broken
flirting with insanity
until we embraced our annihilation
and that’s where we find the abundant life
in tripping over wires
and raising alarms
and dodging spotlights
in this jail break
and we’ll shed our shit stained clothes
to be baptized by showers of thunderous applause
and celestial lighting
signifying, verifying our existence
in the zenith of time

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Forced Hand

I thought myself formidable
benching my intellect
skipping from thought to thought with brevity
I could outlast you
in this custom tailored waiting game
maintaining these fractured social spheres
but I know all my knowledge was fools gold
which I left to gamble
as you forced my hand
so I’ve always wallowed in my tragedies
and my own doom
always finding the trail of glass
but mistakes will always be broken phrases
with meanings which never correlate
and inopportunist moments for apologies
I’ve just shed off that skin

and grew another callus

to replay this game

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Flesh and Bone

I was merely flesh and bone
and daily I walk these fields
and tread these grassy graveyards
I saw you and already plumbed your depths
through prescience
I already knew the end
so I forgot your streaming hair
I forgot your searching stare
I erased your carelessness
no one really knew
that I was already ten steps ahead

driving already into the horizon

speeding up hoping that it would last
but it sank
and the ink was stretched out across the land
and where these apparitions come out to haunt the land
whispery past memories augmented in a shadow reality

no fingerprints

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A Seven Story Week

Said a promise
that I cut
to not recompose
unrequited love

made a bet on red
that’s what I said
but it hopped scotched to black
black’s not on the spectrum
but a shade devoid of light

a seven story house couldn’t deteriorate
more than this one
the second floor collapse in a whisp of cloud
it almost crushed my cells
eyes swimming in the sea
in the pouring rain
each drop refracting all potentiality
but shattering on the asphalt
the forth was an aftershock
pinning me down until I lost circulation

and blacked out

these days I am a refugee
fleeing from nation to nation
afraid of
amorphous monsters
thinking to myself
there was nothing to fear
but myself
and I think
I’ve rediscovered the art
of climbing over trash piles
and reclaiming my voice
which can barely reach the microphone
or wearing my father’s grungy sweater
trailing below my knees
I reclaimed the practice
of letting raw egg sensations flow down
and encapsulating them in a cavern
in the pits of a twisting root stomach
all tangled webs, treadless tires, pre-chewed gum
then regurgitating poison fed to my ears

I took the spittle
I took the damnation
I took the rotten fruit
I looked undaunted
I was secretly cowering
I stood up to bravery
and measured our pencil marks on our childhood door frames
often repeating mantras
with my hail mary prayers
of imprecision

hoping for resurrection

into the end zone
hoping Jesus would catch me
before I sunk into the towering waves

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a sense of quiet


in the eye of a hurricane

takes an obedience

to letting go

of gales

and levity

in spite of fiery arrows

of irrationality

They will be



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turning gears
and tightening
or loosening
is all I spend my time doing
developing intricacies
and potential ironies
are my natural affinities
even if none of it comes to pass
I keep on threading these plot lines
into serendipitous tapestries
if only I could live reality
as extravagant as my precise schemes
and I spend
much of my time
this work of lifeĀ