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Street Children

Are we so fractured?
seeking the rapture?
with all these splinters
split in half infinitely
how we live resiliently
as half-human children scrambling
with mouths only babbling
Children without Mothers
Children without Fathers
chasing after red herrings
dreaming false errands
Street rats pilfering a loaf of bread
earning our synthetic street cred
How we long to be corralled back home
to balance on our father’s knee
to be attacked by a swarm of tickles
How we long to be stuffed full of warm scones
sucking marrow out of the bone
And to be tucked into bed
to hear a storybook read
to be lullabied to sleep
to be dreaming into the deep

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It’s hard to resist
it’s hard to subsist
in that subversive
way of blending
while unraveling
in a juvenile way
and so we are slaves
to our myopic quiet
a foreigner
in the planet he was born in
I crept up on you
and tapped
but you looked the other way
and what could I say?
resting on the cusp of your eyeline
creeping at the edge of a design
where Spirits collide
and dreams ride
where skeptism dies
where underdogs rise
these blues aren’t bruising
when we are cruising
blunderous waves
over knaves
over graves
so man our battle stations
that’s your vocation

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Some stay longer

some leave stronger

some are industrial

some are ethereal

some make rounds

some are unsound

some pander

some meander

some are umpires

some are vampires

some are pirates

some are private

so they come fleeting

so they come eating

all heart and desire

all trying to aspire

chasing rabbit tails

chasing unopened mail

all cavernous

all ravenous





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The Know Nothings

i didn’t know
I wouldn’t know
what else to say or do
whether I should be excused
or refuse
I sank into the soft muddy ground
I evaporated
into a spongy cloud
to be rained down
and it repeats
the choice to sink or swim
is this where to begin
what efficacious words
wrap themselves around your wrists
constricting your check lists
you shouldn’t have opened up your mouth
it was a heavy clout
raw matter needs to be refined
compels me to only resign
I’ve bent my fingers
and twisted my hair
for this burden I must bear
they say it’s only chemicals
and why should I care?
because I’m vapour on the wind
waiting to commit another sin

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meet me by the wayside
by the bayside
stroll pass the effigies
a flaxen hair woman hooded
with a basket over shoulder
carrying your stripped apples
past the plumage of foliage
shedding from the shady maple
fusion of cinnamon and nutmeg
and pumpkin pie
all folded in a lighthouse stamped letter
with your still warm saliva
and smell of beach salt and warm breezes
by the crisp waters of lil’ Rhody
we will return

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