The Know Nothings

i didn’t know
I wouldn’t know
what else to say or do
whether I should be excused
or refuse
I sank into the soft muddy ground
I evaporated
into a spongy cloud
to be rained down
and it repeats
the choice to sink or swim
is this where to begin
what efficacious words
wrap themselves around your wrists
constricting your check lists
you shouldn’t have opened up your mouth
it was a heavy clout
raw matter needs to be refined
compels me to only resign
I’ve bent my fingers
and twisted my hair
for this burden I must bear
they say it’s only chemicals
and why should I care?
because I’m vapour on the wind
waiting to commit another sin

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One thought on “The Know Nothings

  1. Martin says:

    Hey everyone! Thanks for the 8 likes! This may not sound like a big deal, but this is the most likes I’ve received on a single poem thus far. Thanks a lot for spending time reading! you guys rock.

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