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The unscratchable itch



To consume

To crave


And more

All wrapped

Shine and decadence


Trapped in our optics

A house of revolving mirrors

So insatiable

Was inevitable

This infinite void

Travels beyond

As deep calls to deep

Enough wasn’t enough

Top wasn’t the top

Better and better

Only became fetters

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Be My

say it’s safe
in sliding into this shroud
say it’s okay
in my stupor, chords pluck loud
bear with me when fraught with fear
be my water crystal clear
be my buttress
especially as I falter
especially when I’m altered
wrinkles are rifts on acrid ground
each are stories buried under mounds
Vagrant one
scamper as a child near
scratch a whisper in my ear
untold enigmas
forgotten insignias
be my metanarrative
when my ontology collapses
be my eschatology
when fatalism relapses
Just be

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Here I am
here we are
and if our dreams are illusions
over and over
what’s to suppose?
that we can reach above?
standing on our tippy toes?
we seem the same
the same placid name
different age
same cage
you were the bird i could never hold
and I was a different shape out of mold
how is it that everything is the same?
but everything so different?
and no one else to blame.
you kissed life loosely
leaving smudged lipstick
leaving into an uninhibited silence
you are the void in my heart
the kind that weighs on your frame
a kaleidoscope of hope
that I never refused
growing somewhere
in the dust

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Humanize the monster
dwelling in
habitating here
shed off that needy consuming self
that grasped everything
pulling the forbidden fruit off the tree
I am Adam/ I am Eve
the need to be entertained
the need to be deceived
all becomes mundane
so plain
so insane
between the moment of desire
and “fulfillment”
is exacerbating
In hindsight
all the requirements
become dross
In the quiet
when all that I every wanted
all that I ever desired
was found resting
in passive allowance
of listening to your quivering voice
and laying here on the floor
I was civilized
the freedom to do right
instead of wrong
the right to fall head over heels
to be transfigured

to be transformed

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