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A Poem For A Poet

The most suffocating thing for a poet

is not criticism

or the ink running dry

but identity amnesia


or losing faith in one’s ability

to articulate the ineffable

to resurrect the intelligible

we are scientists, magicians of words

unveiling, revealing


in tight, succinct


no word

or letter

is wasted

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Give up

why should i
be left behind
away from the light
that I could find some security
or do ring around the rosy
social apathy
that I could only see surface
but be blinded
this surface tension breaks
where the fawns grazed
where your smug face glistened
wasted my life with delusions
stared into the mouth of dragons
wondering if they needed a breath mint or floss
what if I decided to hop in?
why should I give up my ghost
when all these signs display no vacancies
some anesthesia behind unreality
wasted time entrapped in intangible
would you breath on me?
and fill me full of ruach
cut off the ballast
so we can float away

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that incorruptibility
heroic infallibility
placed through
a paper shredder
make me
break me
find me serrated
separated in tattered tears
malleability in mutations
you think you want me
but that wasn’t me
i am torn asunder
such a blunder
“if” is a desire
always grown tired
don’t be that kronos
swallowing, hooking
if you love me
you would let me go

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i am binding myself
interlaced derelicts
these past lives
drifting onto forests
full of memories
layered, layered
I am burying myself
into the pillow, blankets of time
layering, layering
unfolding all these wrinkles
cradling, cradling
pulling out of time capsules
I only wanted to hold your hand

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