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Mind Rewind

May we not do a mind rewind

Touching my peach fuzz on my chin

Should I erase all memories?

Dispel them all like fantasies?

Quieting, quelling all my demons

Locking them in vaults

But they still do somersaults

They march in line in a storm

Passing in and out of my mind

Saying death is the danger

But living languidly is stranger

Knowing we aren’t destined only for the grave

These magazine racks are insane

And this city life is a bane

All this choosing of mates

Is scrambling to the cusp of a new craze

Digital memories entombed eternally

Should be erased magnetically

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      what’s the point
of spitting bloody teeth out?
taking yourself out?
premature sun dried tomatoes
sold wholesale
washed out treads and smooth tires
we were tired
there was only emptiness of space
stretched between us
rendered barren
tried to pull out life
from a worn out sole
let the land lie fallow
let it hunger and hollow
aid me

raid me

render me sleep


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Short Circuit

feel that cluttered
sharp breath intake
tension bound in abdomens
backtracking to all the clues and confusion
in disorientation
no resolution
analyze evidence
synthesize data
distilling memory
looking at inconsistencies
in fallible memories
grasping for contact
tectonic plates misaligning
that was our missing fault line
hands caressing
but eyes vacant
was I attracted to initial inertia?
to false signals and pareidolia?
to false precision?
envisioning electric currents
finally short circuiting

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oh my mother
how i long to love you
and find some way to repay you
you tucked me in at night
crooning lullabies
calling me a sweet heart boy
you taught me the Word
and listened to me pray in Chinese
even when it was rehearsed
you raised three of us
as three little pigs
taught us right from wrong
even in old southern folk songs
you always worry about my future
loving me before I was a creature
you wiped away my tears
and tidied up my fears
you are my mother

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Cross pollination

I have been turning things
inside out
on their back
sifting through the rubble
with my hand and shovel
making myself
more accessible
sifting through the rubble
with my hand and shovel
making myself

still ineffable

still a conundrum
a quick footed
elusive shadow
but still a little flippant
in feeling

and thinking

cross pollination


To Post or Not

why should i care
that you would like to be moved?
Should I contrive a pulse
to gain a favorable result?
am I a voiceless martyre
empty chamber
sounding board
for you to impose
for your entertainment?
am I the madman
for correction
or for applause?
am I some gaping

velcro dartboard
which longs for the stage
to be constantly engaging
before the spoils and plunder
of the wars and thunder
are captured
Do you want artifice
but here I am
here is my heart
for you to devour



We spoke poignantly

about the past

crowds buzzing in syntax

Cantankerous tea pots

shrieking before morning

waterless clouds

swayed by the current winds

they spoke about delineation


encroaching inland

driving Westward

like predestination

how utterly pedestrian

Is life about hatching plots?

Or being surprised by serendipity?

If hardship is arbitrary

than so can blessings

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