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It falls
Small and life giving
Seeping down into the ground
Or evaporating
In troops or droplets
Rhythmic tapping
A flurry in succession
Each drop hits and is obliterated
Splitting into one, two, or three more
Reminds us to slow our pace

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And slowly
A forgotten breath
Condensation on glass
Our foreheads level
Skin upon skin
Epidermis and follicles
Blemishes and old scars
We embrace

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Burlap sacks

is what this cheap cereal

tastes like

quietly melting over

mashmellow contemplations

of cartoon comparisons

monkeying around these

sea sick numbered days

presidential pummeling campagins

are laughing-stocks

and profane

internal diatribes

lengthen and penalize

awaiting a lush forest

laying down on a bed

of green

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Sink Ship

We haste towards this sunset

bobbing below the horizon

that oily Van Gogh painting

navy blue and violet hues

flagship submerging under

a flash baptism

rehearsing a drowning

in this scuttling

caught in a maelstrom of fashions

with rehatched plot points

makeshift hulks

at the flash of lightning bolts

we bid farewell

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Left Hand

Writing with my left hand

is returning back to elementary

where rawness was revealed

rather than being sealed

behind many doors

we were overlooking balconies

contemplating our apocalypse

seemed innocuous

those riots spread wildfire

men shot men based on melanin

we were exactly the same

blood lust in Cro-Magnon

we were scared

of looking each other in eyes

surprised to find

the same face returning back

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Letting Go

breath in the world
blue blood becoming rose
now let it out, exhale
let go of those nails driven deep
tendon knots unstrung
the more you hold on to earth
the more it looses it’s worth
release micromangement
and all illusions of command
take us back to the drawing board

wonder when we’ll elope
down a steep slope
that was precious
laid in a bitumen basket
caught in the banks of the nile
floating hundreds of miles
letting go
of ownership
of oxegen nourishment
to find satisfaction
in breathing another molecular breath
and letting it go

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The Garden

Oh how I love you
but I don’t know you
inched my way into your flourishing garden
tried to climbed that helix trellis
marveling asymmetry
my hereditary pulled below
vines as our garlands
I am often at a lost
by all this unknowing
and this unlearning
pledge my heart
like a poor boy scout
all this pure grit
and courage
whelming up from childhood
volcano breath

whelming all these Berlin walls
untangling barbed fences
invisible and unspoken
I know that you can
be my cherished seed
which I can shelter and protect
while honing my hard sown ethics
eschewing these social routines
I will never be King
but who needs a throne?
cast all scepters and spears
off a pier
to take up plowshares and shears
out of future celebrations
But I don’t know you
I don’t know how to love you
and haven’t seen this garden clearly

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Everything was upended
the ship’s brow submerged
me running upwards on a treadmill
all structures eventually collapse on another
all faces were canvassed
make up bleeding
former personalities
interposed on one another
won’t you love me for another mile?
when the dial tone runs out?
drag me out of retirement
you have no requirements
take my life and let me be
helpless, heedless, hidden in thee
depopulate delusions
deconstruct prognosis
reconstruct diagnosis
stir in me those waters
conjure up fledgling hope
let me be in remission

for free skies and open waters
in your own time and precision

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finally found the bottom of things
at the dryness of this cup
wrestled all these mutinies
from recycled carbonated ennui
before it overflowed

in this liquid I see visions:
you seemed to moved on just fine
while I’m all trying to unwind
we marshaled all our energy
marching into a marshland
which drained away vitality
no scant time to count casualties
the troops fell like flies
the rest fled like spies
You’d hold up my head above water
use me as floatation fodder
I’m simply a man of emotions
filled to the brim

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