The Garden

Oh how I love you
but I don’t know you
inched my way into your flourishing garden
tried to climbed that helix trellis
marveling asymmetry
my hereditary pulled below
vines as our garlands
I am often at a lost
by all this unknowing
and this unlearning
pledge my heart
like a poor boy scout
all this pure grit
and courage
whelming up from childhood
volcano breath

whelming all these Berlin walls
untangling barbed fences
invisible and unspoken
I know that you can
be my cherished seed
which I can shelter and protect
while honing my hard sown ethics
eschewing these social routines
I will never be King
but who needs a throne?
cast all scepters and spears
off a pier
to take up plowshares and shears
out of future celebrations
But I don’t know you
I don’t know how to love you
and haven’t seen this garden clearly

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