Some day

some day
we’ll all crawl out of these holes
into the sunlight
at mid-day
some day
we’ll see light in darkness
all the stars play connect the dots
rename the constellations
into our own mythology
some day
we’ll make some sense of random
and see that beauty
that no eye has seen
and no ear has heard
that hope instilled in you
bubbling up, permeating walls and membranes
could it be
that this was all conceived
before the foundation of the world
we were all connective tissue
small parts of a whole
rotating, gravitating, to it’s own rhythm
will it all end in a traffic jam, out of tune?
or is there a harmony, meandering in and out?
is it a bit like falling in love?
surrendering into the hands of another
of another sister or brother
of a long waiting lover?
What if some day
was today?

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