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Lake Simcoe

Here we
reeled in
mermen and mermaids
hatched doves
counted sheep
sun wakes
over coffee grounds
sun sleeps
under forest covers
closet hiding whispers
placid Lake Simcoe
you don’t stir
but envelope
submerged continents
and futures

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let’s do that barn dance together
swing me around for another
convict me of grand larceny
in the midst of tyranny
reign me in and plumb my eyes
see my few whiskers and patchy beard
we can both be rogues running
as we search east and west
scouring the earth
upturning, swimming, climbing
every crevice, shore, field, bush
finding spare time
etching our names in oaks
sparking our kindling
finding our identities
as we meet friends, strangers, family
vanquish our enemies
vanishing into new experiences
grow neuro connections
firing electrical storms
dig and repeat trodded paths
vanguards and trail blazing
progress of building and razing
constructing a frame to keep all vitals
for our body, soul, mind
tissue as love
finding ourselves
as fully functional existing
eternal satisfaction

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Everything Stops

everything stops
in our heads
world halts it’s revolutions
time slowly sheds
reverse mummification
galaxies spun millions of miles away
shameless bravado
protein and amino acids
ants wage their civil wars
while we were bored
metrics and dialectics
where is their worth?
sod and dust
we will all rust

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we sang your song
and I yelped
in the misty night
outside of the
go-cart arena
with the glare of arcade lights
in the distance
we celebrated
the end of your
celibate days

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we lived these half consumed lives
hoping that we would not stick out
fading into the background atmosphere
we lives these days
peddling around, beating around the bush
A candle cannot be hidden under a bowl
but put on a lamp sill
you were blocking a full moon
vague beliefs and half-cracked ideas
truncated, convenient, cheap
you sell them by the dozen
but we were made to bear these thorns and scars
to fall asleep and be awakened
Not a second to spare
for half measures
so put in your chips
all in
stop denying your accent
but breath it in
make a stand for something
or be stripped of everything
die as a martyr
or live as a liar



I am cut out of a day dream
an unkempt, unswept trailer
exhaling it’s last breath
before being dragged to the junk yard
I loved you so
why don’t you reciprocate
all the artisans laughed at us
as we had our flags on mail boxes up
but the postman’s always late
parked on the corner
digesting, chewing lunch
in a cul-de-sac

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