let’s do that barn dance together
swing me around for another
convict me of grand larceny
in the midst of tyranny
reign me in and plumb my eyes
see my few whiskers and patchy beard
we can both be rogues running
as we search east and west
scouring the earth
upturning, swimming, climbing
every crevice, shore, field, bush
finding spare time
etching our names in oaks
sparking our kindling
finding our identities
as we meet friends, strangers, family
vanquish our enemies
vanishing into new experiences
grow neuro connections
firing electrical storms
dig and repeat trodded paths
vanguards and trail blazing
progress of building and razing
constructing a frame to keep all vitals
for our body, soul, mind
tissue as love
finding ourselves
as fully functional existing
eternal satisfaction

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