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A sonorous voice
uplifts a crumbling crust
I’ll take the low ceiling
for the downcast evening
a silence drawn out
devoid of any suppositions
we called ourselves professionals
we’re more confessional
we lift your eyes to the hills
where does that hand come from?
I might be more melancholy than you suppose
these labors froze
even when we wear suits
our cars all stalled
bumper to bumper
lose our shit
to cherry pickers
and milk spillers
hidden in our sleeves
was only pair of diamonds
build me a house
by the beach
reach for the seas
where there be dragons

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I’m scared, lonely, and insecure

so is the rest of the human race

frightened of the future

cowering creature

I don’t have the answers

but everyone asks for my opinion

I don’t know where I’m headed

as I was pumped full of lead

I can’t part no damn red sea

but I’m often on my knees

I am attention seeking

pleasure-sucking vampire

my heart beats with hopes

of emancipation

you gave me the keys


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Can you hear their cries?

errupting, tearing

right through the soil

blood stained, poison berry

it soaks through your skin

you are not alone

in the cacophony

where is my mother?

she’s gone

where is my father?

he’s gone

Where is my brother?

he’s gone

Where is my sister?

she’s gone

We’ve been counting the score

but humanity’s always 0-0

when you go to war

we’ve been leveling this world since day one

until all this burns out by the sun

missing limbs

broken fists

burning apartments

glass shattered

clothes tattered

hands clapsed together

for an ounce of relief

rebuild with kindness


and care

grow things

from the soil

life moves

and grows upwards



no one will ever see you

eyes on the equator, at the center

whipped by the taskmasters

always return-back to sender

crave a little more intimacy

and teenage catastrophes

make my around these circuit boards

get stuck in a digital bored

grown ups playing musical chairs with lovers

using all their sisters and brothers

drowning in white picketed trenches

suburban plight, reach for the kite

power of the privilege

ironic indifference

blended into comatose

unchain my monotony

enflesh my cracking skeleton

absolve me, bury me

scales falling from my eyes

i was blind

but now I’m sublime

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My Now

you had me
had my “now.”
no more “waits”
weighing us down
you had my wave lengths
though that sounds stupid
face to face
laughter’s highly combustible
irresistible contagion
borrowing youth
Berlin walls fallen
we can come out crawling
sentenced to paradise
I’d spend every blinking moment
if I had you

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it was a serenade

around the block

in the midnight park

it was a grenade

pin around the finger

shines the ostentatious

tilting of the board

by degrees

we acclimatize

to shambles of digressions


with tempered modesty

the lioness approaches

purring, scratching