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resonate so well with me

anoint me on the forehead

tears absolving fears

dragon’s breath cleansing

repetition  is only an illusion

alone on a throne

with no kingdom to rule

crossing off every friend who joined the feast

me still breast stroking in the womb

an astronaut in suspended mid-reach

for  the forbidden fruit rotting

call it forth from the cavern

hot air roaring, updraft, winding

strength from the sinews

ushering forth a new age by dissolving

snapping, cracking bones

something ethereal,  emerged

wings sprouted dripped of embryonic fluid

it started wailing, opening all streaming airways

voice cracked, entered silence

light threaded into darkness

all this pain a process of






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27 years

everyone’s so tired

and so numb

the closet’s all packed

with skeletons

everyone says your eyes are young

but they haven’t walked under this sun

they don’t live under a microscope

these cells don’t replicate so perfectly

i’ve been held up in burrow

for around 26 years

I’ve been waiting for you

for around 27

I’ve been making my rounds

these neglected rustic playgrounds

merry go-rounds rotate slow

they don’t see you coming

if you would mean it

I would mean it

everyone breaks promises

but I won’t break it

you know I dreamed about you

for 27 years I distilled you

and mulled about it

turning you over, studying

27 years of planning

please amount to something





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What weather worn traveler

went where?

all our great inventions, and honorable intentions

sheltered and shattered

nothing left to bear

what mind erases

and hibernates with pain

you are the song I sing

on Sunday morning

the breath on the coattails of wind

coalescing in a bedtime story

in a dim lit room, glow-in the dark stars

I find you shining wisp

calling in the dark

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