Monthly Archives: February 2016


judging magpie
you erupt
peering over my shoulder
voicing you’re senior

you smile while you slap

you laugh while you trap
throw the first stone
I’ll be only a pebble

don’t ask for forgiveness
cause it’s not my business
don’t care if you’re angry

this  limbs all gangrene
Mark my words

as I’ll mark down these days
once this hull is breached

fury unleashed

it’s okay

ruminating over maleable thoughts
listen to tick tock
exhale broken teeth
wait for the flood to recede

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I will bury you deep
in the ground
will cat’s cradle your memory
around a maze of neural effigies
i can weave my soul
into the rotating electron cloud
i will spin  until you return back to me
be consoled my old tired soul
i will continue to role-play
count to infinity until the dead are raised
until i lift out of this grave
because i panic
when i reach subatomic
all natural laws make no sense
when your love is abstracted
but found our basis of grace
enfleshed in Venus

intoxication in reverse


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