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a guttural cry
of anguish
pulled into a maelstrom
prophecy come true
he never refused
drinking the cup quickly
gavel come swiftly
friends dispersed
birth in reverse
hecklers unmasked
knaves come back
My God, My God
why hast thou forsaken me
to hang on a tree
droplets of blood
brewed Noah’s flood
that drown
this black sea

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come and commandeer my soul
a little bit of sand slipped in
and it’s being refined into a pearl
lift a prayer for the ordeals
eyes flutter during the stake out
no bullhorn political clout
I cringe at every logical fallacy
doubting  our immortality
your gasping breath has more meaning then for oxygen
a longing for someone or something beyond the present
I’m not about self-fulfilling prophecies
or cradling temporal fashionable identities
I lift my gaze to the author

knowing His penmanship is my own precursor
I gaze at the beauty of reality all around me
the daffodil caught in light and shade
wadding into the river stream of life
beyond emptiness of striving and strife
find the simple pleasures of day to day
of running, cooking, my soul’s being made
so come and commandeer my soul
slip a bit of yourself in
and refine my life

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oh my soul
reticently creaking door cracked open
those rusted hinges
unhinged me
a spirit loomed a cloud over
could not see four leaf clovers
soiling my last clean clothes
actors did my grave
and somehow I forgot the script and all my lines
I am the voyager into the deep void
galvanized by a perpetual light
I am ageless, abiding
enduring, undying
man in the arena, dried blood, sighing
a flotilla of bastions
barely afload
a dark horse soul
bursting from below

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Hold Back

i am alone

lost my grip on reality

pinned down insanity

surrendering all presumptions

just hold back the masses

all their theatrics

of balancing and measuring

trickle down subway staircase

so kill the lights

cut the recording

can we speak without being overheard?

go back to bed

to make shadow puppets

projected on paint chipped walls

these dreams protrude

glistening in the dark


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