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A float

I am afloat
a log surfing
over waves and currents
at sea
I am drenched
to the very essence
I live always divided
between good and evil
I am thoughtful and thoughtless
alive but dead
humanity crying “save us”
and I will look down and whisper “I can’t”
I hear the sound of thunder from above
we meddle in the inconsequential
or the iota choices prove fatal?
I have not much to give
in this state of a drift
a tawdry raft as a home
filter rain water
slake my thirst
survive on raw fish
and squabbling with sea gulls
rocked to sleep by the tide
a glimmer of land in the horizon
or is it a mirage?

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all those
syncopated synapses
dotted crooked
is a
bread crumb trail
taxidermy friendships
of glass eyes
and stuffed hearts
gobbled itself out
crawled out of my throat
flees windswept away
leaves us at the bay
duplicated memories
truncated refugees
pockets full of discarded postcards
collapsing dominoes
after another

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W hat is the essence of stillness?
is it the longevity of longitude and latitude?
or the brevity of bear stripped branches?
or the sanctity of hollowed wood?
the Roll Tide of the crowd
more likely to be buried in blankets
covering the corporeal with snow
may it erect walls of solitude
may Shalom meet you and guide you
on a tousled path
stillness is

Still Delicious

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mechanical, insatiable
that’s what your heart pangs quiver
directionless echoing
into the stratosphere
how can I be more unclear?
chambers of the heart
all inflamed
how can the stakes be more raised?
we grazed in the fields unblossomed
we took to the steps unassumed
retched all that was given to you
until they begin to notice you
retiring and changeability
the banality of marketability
and networkability
race to dead ends
sucking up to Uncle Sam
calculate and quantify
crouch and survive
quicken my heart for the Right
remove the veil
unfurl the sails
lift the anchor
leave no trails
I’m no adult

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