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every ionized particle
every ripped up polaroid
every dust mite
every gigahertz of energy
every magnetic field
every beam of sunlight
every pound of coin
every trace of fragrance
every cherished moment
every frozen token
every haphazard memory
every calloused stare
every inch of hair
every transcendent memory
every crushed moment
every aborted dream
every rotating moon
every dimension
every reality
every nucleas
every pixel
drawn to you

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you can sweep me out
bleed me out
become a substrate and minority
be  calloused and removed
entombed for eternity
flushed and exhaust all possibilities
camouflage to the ground
moss grows over me
I can hide
in a shadow or in a cloud
and go through life sleepwalking
dream frolicking
extend our frequency and wave lengths
to exist on a different planet
a different dimension
but my name is Lazarus

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please give me some respite
make my shoulders a little light
can’t pretend you ain’t trapped in my mind
when thoughts sprouted from wild vines
self doubt on the eaves
be hanging on every grief
but you can’t be defining me
no you can’t crush these tea leaves
I’ve made time
committed no crime
passed the ball into your court
don’t be quick to abort
but I’m different now
got more wrinkles
sense of self not easily crinkled
I’m not dependant on your approval
I’m not about easy removal
dismissal will be your loss
you ain’t’ the sun
you ain’t my boss
I possess qualities in the minority
I could love you more than the majority
I ain’t no bystander in life
but an athlete with the line in sight

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i am all mixed up and in between
the mortar and the bricks
seems to be breaking apart
i would lay here drying out
until you reply this message
does that make me a sucker?
everything’s so cyclical
my condition’s critical
I could give it all up
but I don’t have my mind made up
bent and out of shape
enthralled and standing tall
reaching forward into blinding light
feeling around for a door knob
cool and metal
turn and jiggle
crack it open
make a decision

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The Wilderness

in the marshlands
farming and tilling the land
laboring under a waning star
allowance and transference
transpired fate
nothing too early or too late
all things placed fitting together
rubix cube being solved
left and right hemispheres involved
glare reduced, eyes cleared
where the wind blows
the morning bell echo over the glassy lake
each ripple adding to the pattern and story
the sun peaked its forehead in glory
and the clouds parted
as we departed
hiking to the west
and the wilderness grows
birds sing and streams babble
all the trees of the field will clap their hands
stomp their feet
and rise to the occasion

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come hither
with arrow and quiver
all memories you’ve sown
all fragments you’ve combed
i am withered to the bone
but always looking towards the horizon
and those thousands of islands
we created a topography
examining the ecology
we keep on seeking
without sleeping
perpetually wandering
perpetually soldering
covalent bonds
and mitosis
i split apart
and become something new

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Lost in the Galaxy

when will the moon arise?
and the darkness veil peels away
the crystals sparkle and reveal
they might have died hundreds of years ago
those eyes the wink and stare
I wonder if any of them really care
we tried to count all those feeble memories
and create our own constellations and conclusions
we spend time in silence
listening to the frequency
and vibrations of the universe
inundate my visual and auditory senses
realization of one’s own insignificance
lost in the galaxy

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