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Corrie (For the Chow’s)

A bundle of emptiness
an entrance into oblivion
a beginning/ an ending
tiny fists, kicking feet
two baby teeth
a voice in Ramah
Rachel weeping
future hopes retreating
kneeling by an unmarked grave
on a sunny, low-cut grass day
this void unrelenting
you should be
blossuming safety inside of me
not stinging, a swarm of bees
will you recognize me?
in heaven?
will you be a grown woman?
what was the sum of cellular life?
when it leaves us more empty?
lonely family
with a lost piglet
gone prematurely

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dip a toe on the surface
let it carve ripples
spirit hovering over the waters
dividing darkness and light
how far-gone we went
all our reincarnated lives unspent
a shopping cart wheel left bent
heavily recalcitrant to window shopping
and the temporal tweeting birds
how we trap you in an urn
and we lift the lid for your ashes
to join with the Ganges river
i hope to see your freed smirk
catch the light of your eyes
in the last gleam of ten thousand sunsets
reflecting off the waters

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Can you hear their cries?

errupting, tearing

right through the soil

blood stained, poison berry

it soaks through your skin

you are not alone

in the cacophony

where is my mother?

she’s gone

where is my father?

he’s gone

Where is my brother?

he’s gone

Where is my sister?

she’s gone

We’ve been counting the score

but humanity’s always 0-0

when you go to war

we’ve been leveling this world since day one

until all this burns out by the sun

missing limbs

broken fists

burning apartments

glass shattered

clothes tattered

hands clapsed together

for an ounce of relief

rebuild with kindness


and care

grow things

from the soil

life moves

and grows upwards