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sweet and savory
melodramatic and moody
quiet quiver
amicable ardor
drawing bow string
biting lips
this helix
at arrow point
aiming for the invisible
adjust hypertension
bearing that friction
wobbling spearhead
involuntary vanguard
dormant reflex
hosting the intangible
clairvoyance for the edible


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And so you keep on composing a dirge
rescinding back into the rip tide
being magnetized by uncanny powers
oh what malevolent measures
enraptured our envisions
as we wore a terrific mask
all thought we were harlequins
but behind the dimly lit glass window
are the mere projections of insidious trepidation
with elf-like levity we tread lightly on the forest leaves
whilst children beg for candy
we are walking for the first time
like a cripple without a cane
in the broad shining daylight
the joke was on everyone

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