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dive into the underworld
and feed the fishes eating off our feet
recoil at atrocities
find some anomaly
that center of gravity
inhale, exhale
the world underneath a blanket of sun
come inching out on all fours on the parched desert landscape
the sun rounding out rising, falling
stars eternally wheeling in a panorama
this seed sprouts
roots dig and siphon water into mouths
it grows taller
and wilts
back into your echo chamber
with your unlocked chests
of all your possessions
bend the will and the mind
follow my body
into serenity


Stop Begin

I’m sorry
I’ll just stop fucking around
I’ll hurry up and find a wife
they’ve got their time tables
and we craft fables
until rigor mortis sets in
until we cease to begin
the neighbours called the cops
those angelic headlights zone in
so catapult every catastrophe
and starve out your apathy
until this paint chips off
and the stars become supernovas
encroach on the cradle
build your tower of babel
and let it tumble
at the rumbling
of chariots
swallow a sun
we’ve just begun

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