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i am all mixed up and in between
the mortar and the bricks
seems to be breaking apart
i would lay here drying out
until you reply this message
does that make me a sucker?
everything’s so cyclical
my condition’s critical
I could give it all up
but I don’t have my mind made up
bent and out of shape
enthralled and standing tall
reaching forward into blinding light
feeling around for a door knob
cool and metal
turn and jiggle
crack it open
make a decision

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The Moon

we communicate by
and vibration
and telepathy
can you sense me
from across the globe
surpassing time and space
do you desire me?
as I desire you?
could I encapsulate you
a vagrant spirit
a fragrant offering rising to the heavens
or am I a daft, witless boy
harpooning the moon?

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27 years

everyone’s so tired

and so numb

the closet’s all packed

with skeletons

everyone says your eyes are young

but they haven’t walked under this sun

they don’t live under a microscope

these cells don’t replicate so perfectly

i’ve been held up in burrow

for around 26 years

I’ve been waiting for you

for around 27

I’ve been making my rounds

these neglected rustic playgrounds

merry go-rounds rotate slow

they don’t see you coming

if you would mean it

I would mean it

everyone breaks promises

but I won’t break it

you know I dreamed about you

for 27 years I distilled you

and mulled about it

turning you over, studying

27 years of planning

please amount to something





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      what’s the point
of spitting bloody teeth out?
taking yourself out?
premature sun dried tomatoes
sold wholesale
washed out treads and smooth tires
we were tired
there was only emptiness of space
stretched between us
rendered barren
tried to pull out life
from a worn out sole
let the land lie fallow
let it hunger and hollow
aid me

raid me

render me sleep


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that incorruptibility
heroic infallibility
placed through
a paper shredder
make me
break me
find me serrated
separated in tattered tears
malleability in mutations
you think you want me
but that wasn’t me
i am torn asunder
such a blunder
“if” is a desire
always grown tired
don’t be that kronos
swallowing, hooking
if you love me
you would let me go

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