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Mind Rewind

May we not do a mind rewind

Touching my peach fuzz on my chin

Should I erase all memories?

Dispel them all like fantasies?

Quieting, quelling all my demons

Locking them in vaults

But they still do somersaults

They march in line in a storm

Passing in and out of my mind

Saying death is the danger

But living languidly is stranger

Knowing we aren’t destined only for the grave

These magazine racks are insane

And this city life is a bane

All this choosing of mates

Is scrambling to the cusp of a new craze

Digital memories entombed eternally

Should be erased magnetically

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meet me by the wayside
by the bayside
stroll pass the effigies
a flaxen hair woman hooded
with a basket over shoulder
carrying your stripped apples
past the plumage of foliage
shedding from the shady maple
fusion of cinnamon and nutmeg
and pumpkin pie
all folded in a lighthouse stamped letter
with your still warm saliva
and smell of beach salt and warm breezes
by the crisp waters of lil’ Rhody
we will return

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