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The Wilderness

in the marshlands
farming and tilling the land
laboring under a waning star
allowance and transference
transpired fate
nothing too early or too late
all things placed fitting together
rubix cube being solved
left and right hemispheres involved
glare reduced, eyes cleared
where the wind blows
the morning bell echo over the glassy lake
each ripple adding to the pattern and story
the sun peaked its forehead in glory
and the clouds parted
as we departed
hiking to the west
and the wilderness grows
birds sing and streams babble
all the trees of the field will clap their hands
stomp their feet
and rise to the occasion

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Lake Simcoe

Here we
reeled in
mermen and mermaids
hatched doves
counted sheep
sun wakes
over coffee grounds
sun sleeps
under forest covers
closet hiding whispers
placid Lake Simcoe
you don’t stir
but envelope
submerged continents
and futures

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The River

Running through knee high grass

moss and stones padded

two peach trees my forbidden trees

summer the most beautiful season

following the path I only know

here lies a wooden work out machine

an oak split in half, innards split out

the path leading down the river

where frogs and snakes were caught

where fat skunks fled

feet in deep mud

or lying on a blanket of grass

next to a trickling stream

I even drank

some wild in me.

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