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Love Thy Neighbour

There once was a family living in a town happily. Within a few months the war began. A bomb dropped on their home instantly killing the husband and making the home uninhabitable. Their garden where figs and olives once grew became a graveyard of ashes where they buried their dead friends and neighbors. They lost most of their belongings, except a few photo albums and suitcases of clothing which they were able to grab. With no water, electricity, or transportation, they became, thirsty, hungry, scared. Some even had burns and injuries. The mother and the grandfather worried for their own predicament and for the children’s future, because they had no place to stay. They set up tents camping on the side of the desert road outside of the town because no one wanted to take them.

A wealthy neighbor who owned an oil refinery happened to be driving down the same road; he saw the family emerging from their white makeshift tent crying for help. Seeing their distress, he became scared, and passed on the other side of the road. A white northerner happened to be driving on the same road, but when he saw the huge family, he floored the gas pedal leaving them covered in dust. A cowboy driving in his yellow SUV slowed down to rubberneck, but when he heard them speak in a weird language, and saw the woman with a head-covering, he made a U turn, fleeing in the opposite direction. He even promised that he would avoid this part of town.

But a man driving down the road saw the family, and he had compassion on them. He wasn’t wealthy, he didn’t speak the same language, but he introduced himself to the frightened family. He broke the ice with a few card magic tricks. The children laughed and clapped, they hadn’t seen a friendly face for months. He took them into his vehicle with their meager belongings, and drove them to his home, where they met his family. The grandfather had to go to the hospital because of his broken foot, but after they gave him a splint and crutches, he felt much better. At home they together prepared a meal, sharing their foreign foods, and ate together happily. The family even gave them clothing from a few years ago, but they didn’t seem to mind. The children were able to attend the local elementary school, and the mother started learning the local language and even find a full-time job. Soon the two families grew to know one another and became lifelong friends. Yet, the family missed their father, and mourned the loss of their homeland, but they were glad to meet one another in a world that had gone mad.

Go and do likewise

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