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If I could

 Hold onto

 Any handle

          Any grasp

         Or cliff cleft

 Could I drift into


        Into white space

               White noise

          Until a single breath

               Of wind

             Is expelled

        And we are punished


       We flirt in between

               This liminal space


        We speed up

      This particle accelerator


      We find

       The life so divine


       I find

       All my non perishables


    10 years ago


    We find a semblance

       Of the garden

    And the fountain



     My head is

   Anointed with perfume

    And oil


     My resolve

    Is unsolved  

  Until we emerge

   From the crucible


       Without an odor

    or smell  





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I’m scared, lonely, and insecure

so is the rest of the human race

frightened of the future

cowering creature

I don’t have the answers

but everyone asks for my opinion

I don’t know where I’m headed

as I was pumped full of lead

I can’t part no damn red sea

but I’m often on my knees

I am attention seeking

pleasure-sucking vampire

my heart beats with hopes

of emancipation

you gave me the keys


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