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you can sweep me out
bleed me out
become a substrate and minority
be  calloused and removed
entombed for eternity
flushed and exhaust all possibilities
camouflage to the ground
moss grows over me
I can hide
in a shadow or in a cloud
and go through life sleepwalking
dream frolicking
extend our frequency and wave lengths
to exist on a different planet
a different dimension
but my name is Lazarus

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you can leave us alone
away from you in distant proximity
you placed us here
and we’re all busy bees
with our blinders up
heart never skips a beat
as this record keeps on spinning
as the sheep keep on bleating
and are sheared
maybe a scratchy voice on the radio
maybe a crumpled paper on a stage
maybe a U turn on an one way street
maybe some evaporating mist after the rain
keep our texts short
but they get lost in the depleting ozone
we wait for a reply like a farmer waiting for rain