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you can drain this tap
gurgle, swirl down
i think we left our verisimilitude
on the side of the road
back several miles and roads
it was the hallmark
that was stamped out
wash our nostrils and ears
snort water
light your flares
but beware
that secret wishes come true
I hardly know those eyes in the reflection
they’re always on the mend
so shed your grace slowly
wind up a music box
to reminisce on ruin
be easy on your self honey
because who else hands out the penalties?

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conquer and divide
sift and revive
complicate, endure
be enamoured
reveal or conceal
shield or heal
heads or tails
to dock or to sail
resuscitate or hesitate
or just levitate
managing hope
far away
from a telescope
moored in the harbor
waiting for
a suitable carver
to cover
to ensnare
butterfly dreamers
outwit the constable
outplay the corporal
forget the critic
remember analytics
conquer and divide
sink or survive

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