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Corrie (For the Chow’s)

A bundle of emptiness
an entrance into oblivion
a beginning/ an ending
tiny fists, kicking feet
two baby teeth
a voice in Ramah
Rachel weeping
future hopes retreating
kneeling by an unmarked grave
on a sunny, low-cut grass day
this void unrelenting
you should be
blossuming safety inside of me
not stinging, a swarm of bees
will you recognize me?
in heaven?
will you be a grown woman?
what was the sum of cellular life?
when it leaves us more empty?
lonely family
with a lost piglet
gone prematurely

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says the lark
poor fool
all lavished before approching the guillotine
dressed merchant of florintine
is life’s ejaculation
foot jaunty on the accelorator
free-fall tower of terror
poor fool
does not realize his bedridden life
in the obsidian night
is preferable
to the sharp descent
down the esculator

choke and shout

but none

not even the clock

will survive

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Sink Ship

We haste towards this sunset

bobbing below the horizon

that oily Van Gogh painting

navy blue and violet hues

flagship submerging under

a flash baptism

rehearsing a drowning

in this scuttling

caught in a maelstrom of fashions

with rehatched plot points

makeshift hulks

at the flash of lightning bolts

we bid farewell

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