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you can discover this new playing field
and escape this tedium
you ain’t no medium
blood’s in the water
and the sharks don’t bother
they crave attention
but receive no mention
stick apples in their mouths
and roast this rotisserie
in this misery
the flames lick up
as the rest sucked up
you’re nothing but a hound dog
never catching a rabbit
keep on running to the sun
and it kept on setting
and subsequently begetting


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Give up

why should i
be left behind
away from the light
that I could find some security
or do ring around the rosy
social apathy
that I could only see surface
but be blinded
this surface tension breaks
where the fawns grazed
where your smug face glistened
wasted my life with delusions
stared into the mouth of dragons
wondering if they needed a breath mint or floss
what if I decided to hop in?
why should I give up my ghost
when all these signs display no vacancies
some anesthesia behind unreality
wasted time entrapped in intangible
would you breath on me?
and fill me full of ruach
cut off the ballast
so we can float away

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ambling further
rambling around rotaries
with ample of time
the gas light unlit
so we run on sound
dancing your way out the door
you’re lying on the floor
now our antennas are all crossed
like God shut the heavens up
was it His or your loss?
to love the earth or to punish
you earmarked that book
that you always forsook
choose my words carefully
or a mouth’s be full of cavities
we hastily plod away at history
and find the least bit of amity
I haven’t got the answers
or a road map for life trials
we just beguiled the miles
and epistoling to no one
hoping to not be shunned
got another car battery
to start up, to run


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Decompression (experimentation)

Compression of hurricane winds

into enclosed bellows

is far from healthy.

And if indeed we suppress

these frenzies

and hide behind implanted apologies;

we would have done wrong.

I am a playwright.

I’m not an actor

–who follows the correct script,

We are off-the cuff

Off the cues or formats

A trail blazer, who leaves no foot prints

Naught a thread or speck of dust

And yet again the judges and doubters come

Blind with logs in their eyes

They cannot see, or experience, all you have

Presumptions layered on presumptions until truth is buried

And so do not prod along so downtrodden

Walk as you would walk a free-man, pardoned from trial

Be as if you were, unfettered from the opinion of others

If you are happy- smile, laugh, celebrate

If you are sad- weep bitter tears

If you are angry- scream, curse your birth

Why live like half-humans, lifeless, emotionless?

Be as you were, as the fully, flesh human being permeable to the weathers of this world.

For we all walk this life together in the same shoes.

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