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calm down
keep around
it’ll be around
let out the dog
walk around town
keep on humming and singing your song
make amends
don’t pretend
reach out
for hands
in this life amok
run unto you run out of breath
some day
one day
you will be embraced
not just a foretaste
believe me for one moment
surrender on the ground
move on
forget her
let go of it
and become all that you are
let the bells of freedom ring and reign
in your heart
in your marrow
in your mind
no need to pretend

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Lake Simcoe

Here we
reeled in
mermen and mermaids
hatched doves
counted sheep
sun wakes
over coffee grounds
sun sleeps
under forest covers
closet hiding whispers
placid Lake Simcoe
you don’t stir
but envelope
submerged continents
and futures

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