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Corrie (For the Chow’s)

A bundle of emptiness
an entrance into oblivion
a beginning/ an ending
tiny fists, kicking feet
two baby teeth
a voice in Ramah
Rachel weeping
future hopes retreating
kneeling by an unmarked grave
on a sunny, low-cut grass day
this void unrelenting
you should be
blossuming safety inside of me
not stinging, a swarm of bees
will you recognize me?
in heaven?
will you be a grown woman?
what was the sum of cellular life?
when it leaves us more empty?
lonely family
with a lost piglet
gone prematurely

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all of us

all of us are burying undergroud
all of us are held up in the pound
we cry for freedom
instead of serfdom
all things walk in the path of least resistance
with the least insistance
struggle against the forcing current
least be a servant
graffati on the pearly wide gate
before knawing on the bait
reveal a haphazard path
jump over the shaft
hone the craft using
continue to be musing
be sure to build more than break
be sure to tithe more than take
all things surly fall into
some artful place
all framed in perspective

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you can spawn
these diadems
encrusted in your eyes
but I’m not sure
I’ll matter
you can go on and pen a fire
when life is a pyre
waiting to be written
but make a little room
for me to bloom
you can make it
for one more day
just count to ten
and wait on big Ben
each pendulum swing
is one less till the end

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I am that sharp intake breath
exhale a gasp escaping
creeping down the rabbit hole
the mist unveiling invitation
shadowy figures cast on wet concrete
too late to shirk from
the alien ship
descending into Sheol
wandering in a slumber for 30 years
succumb to disappearing acts
children on the play ground
resurrects infallible innocence
a strong memory undercurrent
derails me from cyclical consequences
shock therapy out of stupor
hiking further
towards the coast land
towards a light house
find cover and rest in a library
mind melding with every tome

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come and commandeer my soul
a little bit of sand slipped in
and it’s being refined into a pearl
lift a prayer for the ordeals
eyes flutter during the stake out
no bullhorn political clout
I cringe at every logical fallacy
doubting  our immortality
your gasping breath has more meaning then for oxygen
a longing for someone or something beyond the present
I’m not about self-fulfilling prophecies
or cradling temporal fashionable identities
I lift my gaze to the author

knowing His penmanship is my own precursor
I gaze at the beauty of reality all around me
the daffodil caught in light and shade
wadding into the river stream of life
beyond emptiness of striving and strife
find the simple pleasures of day to day
of running, cooking, my soul’s being made
so come and commandeer my soul
slip a bit of yourself in
and refine my life

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let’s do that barn dance together
swing me around for another
convict me of grand larceny
in the midst of tyranny
reign me in and plumb my eyes
see my few whiskers and patchy beard
we can both be rogues running
as we search east and west
scouring the earth
upturning, swimming, climbing
every crevice, shore, field, bush
finding spare time
etching our names in oaks
sparking our kindling
finding our identities
as we meet friends, strangers, family
vanquish our enemies
vanishing into new experiences
grow neuro connections
firing electrical storms
dig and repeat trodded paths
vanguards and trail blazing
progress of building and razing
constructing a frame to keep all vitals
for our body, soul, mind
tissue as love
finding ourselves
as fully functional existing
eternal satisfaction

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Everything Stops

everything stops
in our heads
world halts it’s revolutions
time slowly sheds
reverse mummification
galaxies spun millions of miles away
shameless bravado
protein and amino acids
ants wage their civil wars
while we were bored
metrics and dialectics
where is their worth?
sod and dust
we will all rust

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Sink Ship

We haste towards this sunset

bobbing below the horizon

that oily Van Gogh painting

navy blue and violet hues

flagship submerging under

a flash baptism

rehearsing a drowning

in this scuttling

caught in a maelstrom of fashions

with rehatched plot points

makeshift hulks

at the flash of lightning bolts

we bid farewell

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Mind Rewind

May we not do a mind rewind

Touching my peach fuzz on my chin

Should I erase all memories?

Dispel them all like fantasies?

Quieting, quelling all my demons

Locking them in vaults

But they still do somersaults

They march in line in a storm

Passing in and out of my mind

Saying death is the danger

But living languidly is stranger

Knowing we aren’t destined only for the grave

These magazine racks are insane

And this city life is a bane

All this choosing of mates

Is scrambling to the cusp of a new craze

Digital memories entombed eternally

Should be erased magnetically

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