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heaven knows how far gone
the swing sways
the school bus delayed
in this ungodly hour
how we cower
and bowing to wood and stone
on top of these pillar of bones
how I longed to see your face
one last time
simply beyond this pixelated mess we’ve made
did you have even an ounce realism
or am I lost here in cyberspace
in all the search and seizures
that tracked my history
was it lost in the silence?
all I wanted was you for myself
is that so selfish?
am I bound to sulk in this echo chamber?
until I molt into a catipillar?
nibbling, biting
never swallowing

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love seems like

a never-ending staircase

a hospital waiting room

and what was the accumulation all these ticks

and silences?

was it only a sacred sigh

of spent hours

and wasted hours

chartering pirates looting

with coins in their eyes

skimming the surface

but never casting anchors

or mooring at any harbors

I always seem to be

Swimming water

from one letter

to another

in this crowded

alphabet soup

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