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a tear
in the fabric
pull out a thread
unravel a ball of yarn
several years
lead me
to meet my Maker
raise the knife
to slay the ram
saying it was for the Creator
to test you
what a ruse
to hold a sham hand
a full house
built on sand
the boy prowls around the city
with a head full of bees
eyes full glass
pouring over words
from a text
what was truthful
but brutal
I won’t spill my intestines
on the ground
but spin it
into Joseph’s Robe
to clothe my nakedness
wrapping around my insecurities
somewhere in this piercing pain
is an opening to
put your hand into someone’s chest
and knit your heart

with theirs

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i hope that you can forget
as if we never met
your intj mask showing
a warm body to grow on
she don’t smile too widely
tries too hard to be wallpaper
walks forward without hesitation
but you’re going to Berkeley
and me becoming clergy
what’s the point of pop infatuations?
when you’re confusing reality and fiction
and maybe you are only a codex
I could never find

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Each tick

each tick is closer to the unknowable
as if I could exhale a carburetor
to get the machine rumbling again
my inability to hold one concept
and my ineptitude in a singular pursuit
this drinking water pours through the cracks between my hands
my ideals slip away
like a race dog running after a stuffed bunny
pinning for more novely and discovery
exploring the vast reaches of ingenuity
in the far reaches of the infinite galaxy
preceving the next rubrix cube
astroid, planet, star
to be shifted and shaped
create and uncreate
binding and locking
past and present coalescing
balancing both reality and fantasy
come find me
I’ll be clinging on the moutain side
and slurping from the fountain gushing
as the rain evaporates from the pavement on a popsicle summer day
come find me
and whisper in my ear
all you hold dear
come find me
and tell me that I’m a stranger
and a friend that you’ve always knew
and recognize that we are bound for the promised land
where the harvest is full and the fruit is rippening
waiting for  children all dressed to pick
and the juices dripping down their mouths
come find me

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A love

I love you
to leave you
to crush you
to create you
i find solidarity
in our silence
we sit back to back
never seeing one another
folding in to find a breath
a depth
of hope
dig cicerns
for whomever it may concern
to catch fresh water
and rose petals
but a gun’s in a glove compartment
draw it out to size up
but it will not bring any more comfort
the measure of a man is not in his gun
but in laying down his arms and
our fellow men

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you were that blessed sacrament
invading far across the land
into the woods where the birds sleep
how they peck with their beaks
draw out the worm
but it escapes their grasp
burying deep into the roots of the earth
all words were lost
you brought yourself out
five feet tall
legs stretched full
feet a bit cold
cozying up to the fire
i was a crier
tap your finger when you’re nervous
tell me in morse of your love
that your blood will never depart my veins
and my ancestors will harmonize and dance
according to the rhythm that you’ve set
and my newborn sleeping in my swarthy arms
wishing he would never grow up
all seen in the fire
a single ember ascended
and burnt to the ground
i have
hounded you
and felt the textures of your edges

ingesting you

all my adult life

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i’m kind of broken
but you won’t ever know
i reused that line again
you got the best of my daze
a string of yarn on the welcome mat
and the ball unraveling in the yard
tonight i’m alone
sitting as an imperfect clone
my lung collapsed the other day
but i didn’t have the voice to say
another little paper cut today
and lemon and pepper rubbed in
i make up excuses (where’s your muse?)
get more bruises (I get confused)
forget the formalities
and black tie parties
and shoe tying montages
get back to protein and amino acids
the building blocks of life

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please give me some respite
make my shoulders a little light
can’t pretend you ain’t trapped in my mind
when thoughts sprouted from wild vines
self doubt on the eaves
be hanging on every grief
but you can’t be defining me
no you can’t crush these tea leaves
I’ve made time
committed no crime
passed the ball into your court
don’t be quick to abort
but I’m different now
got more wrinkles
sense of self not easily crinkled
I’m not dependant on your approval
I’m not about easy removal
dismissal will be your loss
you ain’t’ the sun
you ain’t my boss
I possess qualities in the minority
I could love you more than the majority
I ain’t no bystander in life
but an athlete with the line in sight

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i am all mixed up and in between
the mortar and the bricks
seems to be breaking apart
i would lay here drying out
until you reply this message
does that make me a sucker?
everything’s so cyclical
my condition’s critical
I could give it all up
but I don’t have my mind made up
bent and out of shape
enthralled and standing tall
reaching forward into blinding light
feeling around for a door knob
cool and metal
turn and jiggle
crack it open
make a decision

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how does anyone cope?
eloping with the milky way
how often we cave and collapsed
to spinning a tale out of clouds
a quick territory scout
all strive in the tourney
few emerged in victory
a thorough taxonomy of love
nothing fit like a glove
every handwritten name
erased from the book of Life
pearls thrown to swine
Bartimaeus on the roadside
take heart, cast the cloak
take some kindling
and spark an inkling

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I will bury you deep
in the ground
will cat’s cradle your memory
around a maze of neural effigies
i can weave my soul
into the rotating electron cloud
i will spin  until you return back to me
be consoled my old tired soul
i will continue to role-play
count to infinity until the dead are raised
until i lift out of this grave
because i panic
when i reach subatomic
all natural laws make no sense
when your love is abstracted
but found our basis of grace
enfleshed in Venus

intoxication in reverse


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