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calm down
keep around
it’ll be around
let out the dog
walk around town
keep on humming and singing your song
make amends
don’t pretend
reach out
for hands
in this life amok
run unto you run out of breath
some day
one day
you will be embraced
not just a foretaste
believe me for one moment
surrender on the ground
move on
forget her
let go of it
and become all that you are
let the bells of freedom ring and reign
in your heart
in your marrow
in your mind
no need to pretend

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Redeeming Social Media

I didn’t know so many people who have discovered my last post. I am somewhat of an avid blogger, but my works only get read by a few people. Here is a post I wrote a few days on my other blog. 

Many people have scattered opinions on social media. Many cultural critics decry the individualistic nature of social media, the egoistic tendency to shout to the world every minute detail, from peeling a banana for morning breakfast, to clipping one’s toe nails. Social media is a platform for mass communication, and in the instance of Facebook, to hundreds of people instantly with a click of a button. Despite the negatives of social media, it has always been an outlet for me to express myself, and give news to others in meaningful ways. In some ways, it has helped me empathize with people from great distances, and to dive into the minds of people I normally would not talk to. In fact, Facebook has helped me interact in real-life with friends. Social media is only as shallow as one makes it, so the more willing one is willing to post meaningful, socially conscious information, even artful work, than the more you get out of it. Furthermore, Facebook is a great place for debate, and differing opinions, if one chooses to not isolate one’s self to groups. 

The key to redeeming social media is through understanding one’s audience, and the diverse amount of people who are on your friend’s list. I would argue that one’s posts should somehow be relevant, or at least show concern for those who follow you. There’s nothing worse than people who post consistently irrelevant, annoying, insensitive statuses without regard for the follower. If a post does not enlighten someone to an important cause, entertain them, or allow for genuine emotion, than the post is not worth posting. There are thousands of statuses, tweets everyday, and they get lost in the colossal tornado of mass information. As responsible social media users, we have to care about the details, have variety, or we will be lost in the hackneyed, cliche, swirl of statuses, and tweets. If one wants to posts details about where one has been, what they are eating, etc., add something at least interesting instead of only a picture. 
Social media is a platform that we all have, but we have to ask ourselves who is our audience. And if a post is actually worth posting. Are we directing towards a certain individual, and if so shouldn’t we just message them?  Remember, all your information is public and once it is out, it might never be erased.  We are only as superficial as we make Facebook, or Twitter. And the more selfish we make it, we may realize that we have few people who actually love or care for the information that we post.  Instead of being afraid of social media, or declaring it all out evil, it can be a productive place to have fun, spread ideas, input perspective, give love, kindness, and hope to people.
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