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what began as frivolity
became inequality
seeing the world through keyhole
so sweat off the baltic sea
bring back these forgotten memories to me
these enzymes fuel this reaction
putting us on cruise control
another pinky promise
was fractured and broken
a fossil calcified
now being uncovered, mended
being slowly apprehended
stubborn unyoked animal will
is land to be tilled
long for such a reality
in more than 140 characters
to be fully fleshed out
rather than a buffet line of images
take, chew, spit out repeat
haven’t grown past baby teeth
we never swallow
making us hollow
this untouchable image
reveals to us our 1 percentage

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On Writing In My Blog

(From my other Xanga blog)

I wouldn’t say that I would be proud of my writing, or this blog for any matter. It’s taken some time to reach a certain groove of posting, mostly creating poetry in my spare time, funneling that creative energy into a whirlwind of playfulness. And yet even when no one reads, I’m still happy with the result.  If any of my words can connect and make someone’s day less shitty, I hope that it can alleviate some pain and suffering in the world. There’s a mysterious quality now to this blog, something similar to music, you put your own interpretations onto poetry and that’s okay.

Xanga has deviated, evolved into a place for me to express my musings, emotions, etc. It doesn’t matter if you know me or not, you can empathize with art, no matter who you are, and like music you inhibit, experience the same emotions as I do. So introductions are not even needed, you only know that I am a person with thoughts, dreams, opinions, and above all a man who can feel, everything there is to feel in this world.
And if a stranger has anything to say to you, it is that you are loved. You are loved beyond measure by the people around you, and if I could meet you I would say to you that I love you as well. I would like to hear from you, I would like to cherish you, because you are unique, and loveable. There’s nothing that you can do to detract from your uniqueness/ specialness. You might not be as intelligent as you want to be, you might not have the best witticisms, the best husband, girlfriend or wife, or even the best siblings. But you have a voice, we all have a voice on this democratic plane, where freedom of thought can reside in the network of cyberspace. Even if you don’t think you have much to say, say something; write about an experience, be unequivocally yourself.  Be brave, believe that you have an insight, a perspective that no one else has ever heard.  Don’t try to be anything you’re not online, any genuine person can see through that facade, as easy as seeing through a used car salesman. Stop pretending, stop trying to please your readers into what you perceive to be interesting. If you love to write, then write until your goddamn fingers fall off. If you can live without writing, than don’t do it. Be brave in your writing, and don’t try to impress others with your exquisite words. Say what you mean to say, and leave out the rest. Forget the critics, the social media haters. Be yourself and don’t look back.
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