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you can spawn
these diadems
encrusted in your eyes
but I’m not sure
I’ll matter
you can go on and pen a fire
when life is a pyre
waiting to be written
but make a little room
for me to bloom
you can make it
for one more day
just count to ten
and wait on big Ben
each pendulum swing
is one less till the end

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hours unending
in the waiting room
until the hands all fall off
and the numbers melt into the pot
all your joints out of socket
dialed it down
don’t be so melodramatic
don’t cover yourself in the attic
all your crevices will be filled
from one end to the other
come let us go into confession
for hope of the bodily resurrection
measure every cup of empathy
cast away that apathy
lift up the bear trap
uncover a treausure map
escape from the tomb

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you can leave us alone
away from you in distant proximity
you placed us here
and we’re all busy bees
with our blinders up
heart never skips a beat
as this record keeps on spinning
as the sheep keep on bleating
and are sheared
maybe a scratchy voice on the radio
maybe a crumpled paper on a stage
maybe a U turn on an one way street
maybe some evaporating mist after the rain
keep our texts short
but they get lost in the depleting ozone
we wait for a reply like a farmer waiting for rain